Hey guys and gals! I’m a mentor for my school, and this years game is going to have me in the same boat as many of the students. What I mean by that is I understand how to increase the rpm with gear ratios and all but I was wondering if someone could do a little more explaining on how I can make the rpm increase even more. I understand the exit point has to be at an angle, and that it needs to be nice a firm so I don’t lose any momentum as the balls shoot out of the exit hole. Anyways thanks for listening and good luck this year guys, its gonna be tough.

Internal gears for the 393 motors may well be a way to go at 240rpm rather than 100rpm or 160rpm for the standard gears. We have created a spread sheet for gear ratios that we will work through when testing to see which gives us the best result.

One issue will be the jamming problems caused by high rpm and low torque so the spacing and angle will be critical. Something you will be able to test for yourselves :slight_smile:

Gonna be tough but fun! Better keep those safety goggles to hand