<RSC1> - how does it work in practice?

Robots may start the Robot Skills Match per in either Alliance Home Zone…

The way I’m reading it a team is free to choose which zone they start in. However, thinking back to our last tournament, the skills field was blocked off on three sides, so all teams had to start from the same side. It didn’t matter to us that time, but may a team request to start from either side, and how likely is that request to be granted since it may require reconfiguring the field?

It sounds like your old tournaments did that as a tournament despite the competition rules. Yes you are allowed to start in either zone.


the skills field on the tournament should be set up in such a way that it has both red and blue drive stations.


The skills game is symmetrical so it shouldn’t matter which side you play from unless you are using color detection. If that is the case then operators could easily switch the color orientation.


Yeah but do you really want to repeatedly move the platform from side to side?


I see your point but I would think that it would still be a rare exception.