<RSC5> loophole

They may be going a different direction with the bigger fields. Or, they may just have the kids go back to removing the elements next year.

Only time will tell. For now, the rule is the rule…

So not trying to open another can of worms here, but in the same ball park for Programming skills challenge, what exactly does this rule apply to:

c. Any Game Object in the Starting Position may be moved out of the Starting Position and gently placed into a non-Scored position by the Team.

This seems to me to imply similar to the original question, just with the robot not touching it. Does this mean we can move an object from it’s starting point (to any non scoring location) once the match starts?


[Avonderweidt] - so what does this mean then and what is it applied to?

The Starting Position refers to the robot’s starting position. Check the definitions section of the rules.

also if u want a responce from a particular user @ them like this @mizdared

@Avonderweidt - sorry, must have copied the wrong thing, meant to @ you when I replied

@John_TYler - Thanks, I knew starting position, just spaced it on this and was thinking of game pieces starting position.

So, you are intentionally leaving a cube in the robot’s starting position, so that when you reset the robot to the robot starting position and you move the cube you can put it anywhere…

I don’t know why that wouldn’t be ok…???

Does this clause apply when a team is “handling” their robot, or anytime in a programming skills match? I can see how a bot is bringing and dropping cubes off in a starting position, and the “driver” is strategically repositioning them closer to their target areas.

Yup. When you return the bot to a starting position.

can someone tldr thxs

That isn’t really a thing here. If you are interested in the knowledge, read the thread.


@dewneyyy if u are contacting a cube or ball when u can put it to the side when u pick up your bot THE REST IS COMMENTARY

Fixed that for ya…

thx i guess?

Contacting = robot fell on top of the cube
Controlling = robot has a grasp and is moving the cube

It’s all about the nuances of words

I assume it doesn’t have to be the original starting position?

That is correct. See:



Did they ever answer this?
That’s interesting… I already posted another question to the Q&A: Can they reset the cube on top of balls?
I would say no, since that would be a scored position, and it has to be non scoring.

@Julie_Leinenbach – rules say “non scored position” and that would cover the balls, they would go from not scored to scored.

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