RTM (Read the Manual)

RTM (Read the Manual):

There’s a few of us on the forums that push hard about properly reading the manual to answer all the questions about “is it legal/allowed.” I’d like to point out that learning to RTM is an important job skill, with the difference that the “manual” becomes the specifications you will work with on the job.

Obvious RTM questions never seem to go away. This morning, I was reviewing some questions in the appendix of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section IX (I’m a welding engineer, by the way), and ran across this “real life” RTM question. For background, the specification does not say where hardness tests are to be located, nor even mention amperage readings. I love the answer given by ASME.


Always keep this in mind: as you read the manual (or specifications, when on the job), the manual tells you what you absolutely must do, and what you absolutely must not do. There is no way the manual could tell you everything you might do.


I am sorry that I am not knowledgeable enough in Boiler metallurgy to appreciate the funniness of the joke, but I am 100% agree that DRow’s adding direct easily accessible links to the current VRC and VIQ game manuals, as well as the links to VexCode and PROS API to the hamburger menu and forum users clicking them as part of the new user tutorial will be great!