Rubber band from third-party buy

Hi folks

Did you know any rubber band sold in Amazon that is sort of VRC compliant? I don’t want to just buy some rubber band from VEX website and pay $30 for shipping.


Just be sure you buy the sizes listed in R7 of the game manual. Or, look to a supplier like that stocks vex legal rubber bands, if you would rather support a small business rather than amazon.


From what I’ve seen, office depot sells BAGS of legal bands for cheap.

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Search could have been your friend

VEXIQ and VRC rubber bands are the same.

If you’re looking for an alternative to buying from the vex site, this list contains a bunch of alternatives:


These bands should be legal and are nigh impossible to break

thanks a lot, this is really helpful. Just wonder if the pneumatics solenoid would work with V5 brain?

It plugs into the 3-wire ports on the sides of the brain.


Not to nitpick, but any natural latex product should NOT be legal… it seems reasonable that vex would not spec materials to be a known allergen.

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