Rubber band help?

Is there any way to rubber band a 2 bar lift? My team has attempted it but we find it difficult and all our ways ineffective. Unlike a 4 bar or 6 bar we simply can’t just rubber band 2 c channels because our, lift only has one c channel on each side. We tried adding standoffs to the lift and standoffs somewhere in the back of the bot and pulling it back but it only helped a bit not a lot. So can someone please help us with an idea if they’ve experienced the same problem and figured a way around it. Thnks in advance.

Btw the rubber bands r used to help the lift up and take a bit of load off the motors and help dump an element/heavy elements/multiple elements over the fence

If I’m interpreting what you’re saying correctly, attaching one end of the rubber band(s) to one arm, the other end(s) to one of the tower/gearbox c-channels, and then doing the same thing with the other arm.

@Poseyhead We’ve tried that, it works but not as effective, we want to attach more rubber bands, because when we tried attaching rubber bands it began to bend the c channel slowly after a few hours, so we had to replace the arms and the gear box, then we only put a few rubber bands on. we were wondering if there are more locations in which we can mount rubber bands.

Put the 2 bar into the farthest up position it can get to and then try to put rubber bands from the tower to the arm. It worked well when we had a 2 bar a while back

Are you using aluminum?

How many are you using? We have used them for years and never had them twist metal. We have used upwards of 10 on each side to do extreme jobs with no bending. We use standoffs with white spacers on the end to attach them.

We used something like 30 rubber bands a couple of years ago on our 2 bar the same way you have described your setup. Some pictures might help?