Rubber Band Intake Help

We are currently using a rubber band intake that is powering a 36T gear that is connected to 18T sprockets which have the rubber bands(Picture of Rubber Band Intake) Our problem is that once we pick up the cones the rubber band intake doesn’t hold onto the cone and falls out. Any improvements we can make?

Are the rubber bands loose? If they are too loose than it won’t hold. You could also try adding more rubber bands.

Just set the motor power to a -10 speed (or +10 if intaking a cone requires positive power)


We use the same system, but we are naughty because we keep holding the buttons till it burns out. After the motor burns out the cone is securely in place.

Well that may not be the best idea but if it works, it works. The downside is if the PTC is tripped (I assume that’s what you’re referring to), then the motor will probably have to wait ~4 seconds to run again. This means your fastest cone stacking is 1 cone per 4 seconds+how long it took the PTC to trip. Not to mention it’s probably not super good for the motor.
[Edit: fixed my math]