rubber band intake

Hi! Our team has decided to use the rubber band intake to collect the balls. We changed our base and left some space so that the intake could fit all the way from one side to the other. Yesterday, we just started on building our intake with sprockets, rubber bands, and shafts. We found out that even the newest shaft, which is also the longest, is not long enough. We tried the thing(I’m not sure what it’s called) that connects two shafts together, but it was so unstable because the shaft wouldn’t fit inside the thing perfectly. We also tried screwing stand offs on to the sprocket and connecting stand offs to more stand offs and then onto another sprocket, but when we tested it, the ball would touch the stand off and the robot would jump. The sprocket size is 24 teeth and we can’t use the biggest one because that would make the robot stick out from the sizing tool. Any ideas?

How about no shaft connecting across the whole robot?

even the longest shafts are not long enough. Do you mean make our robot narrower?

Well, you could. But, if used correctly, the axle couplers should be pretty stable. The 12" shaft was long enough for me.

Have you tried stacking the inside with spacers? That would put the compression pressure on them rather than the axle. I think you could drill out the white spacers to fit around the axle coupler.


I’d recommend running no shaft through the middle, and instead only using standoffs to connect to two sprockets. You only need a short shaft to go through each sprocket and connect to the chassis. 929U’s early season robot showcases that.

Good luck!

You could use screw joints on both sides.
Doing this would require power to both sides instead of one due to the fact that their not connected