Rubber-band "Launcher" Robot

This is a modified “square-bot” Design.
It uses: 4 motors, 1 servo, 2 bumper switches, 1 ultrasonic sensor, 1 battery kit (optional),
1 micro-controller, 1 transmitter, 1 jumper-clip, & metal pieces from the starter kit.

Pictures of my robot

Front of Robot

Back of Robot

Rubber-band “Launcher” Part

If you want the code that this robot uses, Click Here

Note: I have gotten all medium sized wheels, these pics are just a little old!

Fell free to post comments, ideas to make it better, or anything else you can think of.

Why do you have the bumper switches on the back? And is that an ultrasonic range finder on the front, or three line trackers side-by-side?

how far does it shoot?

  1. I have made a three-way code for this robot. The bummper switches are there for when the code the robot runs on is in stage 1, user control. If I hit the bummper switch, it will go forward away from the object it hit.

2.That is a ultrasonic-range finder.

It can shoot anywhere from -1’ (negitive [behind it] one foot) to +10’ (positive [in-front of it] ten feet).
Note: I put “[behind it]” and “[in-front of it]” just in-case someone didn’t know what mean by “-” or “+”.

how does it pull back the rubber band to shoot it:confused:

You have to load the rubberband, manualy :frowning: , on before you shoot it.
I will try to find a way to make it load the rubberband by its-self!
If you have a idea, post it!


If you waited two more minutes, you wouldn’t of had to post that question again!

sorry like how does it work do you put the rubber band on the gear and on the pivot gusset and turn the gear and make it fly off or wat

Almost. I do have to put it on, but in a certain mode on my robot code, I use ch. 6 on the transmiter to turn the gear.
The code is in the code bank labeled “Rubberband Launcher Control” with, at this time (8:45 2-20-2007 eastern time), 23 hits.

you couldmount a 1x6 or make own mesure ments i dont have thime right flat metal on the gear and hve the peice of metal pointing toward the front of the robot when loading then have a thing above it that drops the rubber band just in fron of the pivot gusset and on top of the 1x6 flat on the gear then turn on the motor so it rotates toward the back then to fire make it turn in the oppsite direction

I dont know how you would make the top thing drop the rubber band you might have to…do you have a chain kit…if you do put make to chains with four sprockets and mount thme with motors on each one put zip ties on the chain at what ever increments you want then when you make both insidespart of the chains go down they will drop the rubber band on the right place and then you activate your pull back motor and strech the rubber band and thenyou reverse and let it go and it hopefully fires i dont know tho cause i havent tested this

this pic isnt perfect or good i dont even know if it attached

it didnt attach

I don’t have a chain kit. I think, with percice measurments, that might work!
If you need help attatching files, IM me! (Don’t reply to attatching files by post, do it by IM)

what do you mean are you 12 also

What do you mean “are you 12 also”?:confused: If you mean years, then yes I am 12 years old.

i am too
vex rocks how long have you been working withit

Did you do the poll: “Age Poll” or “Whos playing with vex?”? If not, you should!

i did them

I’m 13 and just got vex. I wish I had it for longer… You guys are lucky…:slight_smile:

i just turned 13

how do you keep the servo from spinning when you don’t want it to?