rubber band limitations

My team has been using the official VEX orange rubber bands, but we’ve noticed a lot of teams have generic bands. I can’t find a description of the rubber bands that are legal in VRC.
Can someone point me in the right direction?

You find the specification in the game manual - #32 and #64

Thanks. I found those specs in the IQ manual but I must have missed it in VRC.
We can buy any color of those sizes, correct?

Is this a hard and fast rule? There were teams that seemed to have different sizes on their bots at our last competition.

Yeah any colors are legal. The #32 and #64 are different sizes. the #32 are a bit smaller and thinner while the #64 are a bit bigger.
The picture I’ve attached is a side by side comparison of the two. The bottom one is a #32 and the top one is a #64.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Answered by Gear Geeks:

If events are allowing non-identical parts, that is more a reflection on their inspection process. You should expect greater scrutiny as the season moves along and stakes get higher, i.e., state/regional/national and world championship events.

Cool. Thanks!

At Worlds 2018 I found a team using these & highly recommending them over normal rubber bands:

These rubber bands felt stronger and I’m interested in using them this year. They are #64, but I was wondering if they’re still considered legal despite the high heat tolerance (HHT?), UV light resistance, and difference in strength?

Usually my team uses these:

They work well enough, but if there is a stronger, longer lasting option I don’t want my team to be left out

kmek I have experience with both of those, the black ones are more reliable with extended use, but sterling ones were noticeably stronger out of the box vs the black, but they faded much more than the black. On a lift id go black, but for high force applications fresh Sterling are the best I’ve found.