Rubber band modification

I think I know the answer but I’m going to ask anyway…

Would cutting legal rubber bands (#32, #64, and #117B) violate R13? I feel cutting rubber bands WOULD violate R13, however I would like to seek other opinions.


The only part that you’re allowed to modify is by cutting metal shafts. Cutting rubber bands will be modifying them, so I would say that wouldn’t be legal.


Please read the categories of the topic before you post things so that way you could understand that this post is referring to Vex IQ, which does not allow for altering of parts (with some exceptions).


Like all of you said, I don’t think it would be legal, but what about a rubber band that has been unintentionally broken in half? I know we have broken many bands on our robot, and thrown them away. But we have also bent shafts and beams on accident and still used them in competition. I am not thinking of using them, merely putting this idea out there.

I would throw it away and get a new rubber band. I would not think that we should punish a team if the rubber band breaks mid-match.

I would again say to just replace them as you find they are broken / bent. I doubt an inspector at a local competition would bother with it, but at a regional and WORLDS I would be more careful.


Good point, especially since its many teams first times learning how stringent worlds registration is.

Robots were failing inspection at our state event if the rubber band had broke and been tied or cut and tied. I expect it to be the same at worlds.


Okay, good to know

What about tieing rubber bands, is that allowed.

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That’s fine as long as the original rubber bands were never broken.