Rubber Band picker-upper

I don’t know the name of it but you guys might know it is when the rubber spins so it can pick up the cones and it reverses to release and shoot out. This is for vex in the zone we have our 6 bar lift done. So what I am asking for is 1. How do you actually build it 2. Any links or sources 3. How do we add it to our 6 bar lift if even can.

Thanks in advanced ( :
P.S. Please say the name because I want to change the title of this discussion

Goliath intake. Look at the Knight Shift & Fuzzy Wuzzy reveal vid
Look on this site and YouTube for Goliath intakes you will find all you need. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions.

AKA Roller intake.

How did it get that name?
It sounds odd, especially when roller intakes in VRC have almost always been called “x” rollers.

One of the first videos on a roller intake for this season, the person in the video called it a goliath intake. I still prefer roller intake though.
Back on topic, @johnny_poptart here is a good tutorial on how to make a cool looking one: