Rubber Band Placement

Today, we raised our entire lift to make our robot taller. However, after changing all that, we realized our old rubber band placement was off. We don’t know much about the best rubber band placement, and we were just lucky enough to find the perfect placement after a few tries on our old robot. Now, we cannot find a good place to place the rubber bands. What we are trying to achieve is to have the lift be able to hold itself and a cube up at any point in space just below parallel to the ground, but also not cause the lift to be raised off the ground when all the way down.

Does anyone have any tips or know anything about rubber band placement that could potentially help us? Thanks

Here is a thread that does a great analysis of rubber band placement. It should help you with your problem.


Do you have a 4 bar? If so look up 4 bar rubberband placements if you have the 1bar I would say to keep trying different placements