Rubber Band Shooters?

Hi. My team and I are considering building a shooter with rubber bands. Honestly we have no idea how to build one or how they work with the tear drop gears and stuff. We hear that some of these shooters can shoot many balls quickly and consistently. Would anyone mind sharing with me any tips or designs on these things? Thanks.

PS Please send pictures if you can :slight_smile:

My team is currently working on a “pinball” shooter. We are using linear slides to guide the impact mechanism and have a cam to pull it back.

This is a good visual:

Team 62 posted a nice design some months ago. It looks like a good place to start. I think they start describing it at about time = 4:30 :

The pinball launcher is a harder to built rubber band launcher than a catapult design. Look at the 9541 launching mechanism reveal, it will give you a good idea on how to build one.

9541 Catapult