Rubber Banding a Chainbar and simple Slew rate


I have two questions:

  1. what is the best way to rubber band a chainbar?

  2. can anyone provide a simple slew rate function? One that returns a value to be put into the motor.




How would you triangle band a chain bar, because i’m sure its not possible


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If you have the posts on each side slightly higher than the chainbars pivot, you can go from the top of the post to anywhere on the chainbar? You could also do something weird where you attach to the chainbar, go over the post (or something in line with that) and then attach lower down the post - more tension.


You can see how ALBA did their rubber banding at 0:41 in their reveal video . I’d say this is the best way to do it


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2 motors on left side plus two motors on right side = 5 mot-waitwhat


5 motor HS drive



On a serious note - how did you code turning (like is the middle motor just the difference between the sides)?


guys i got the triangle banding perfecttttt on my chainbar

no the motor is off, it provides a consistent pivot point in turning, increasing auton accuracy