Rubber banding assistance

Hello, we have built a dr4b and are curious how to rubber band it. We currently have to straight rubber bands that get more slack as the lift extends but I have heard there are better ways to do it. what are they?

The difference in tension is how the rubber bands help the lift, there is no way around that. I usually mount rubber bands the same way you are describing, but I have seen many teams use a triangle formation, with 2 rubber bands on one bar, and one on the other.

Triangle banding definitely helps with lifting. You cannot properly rubber band your lift with just a straight rubber band. You need a triangle to be able to keep a fairly similar force on the lift as it goes up. A straight banding will often hold the lift in one position, but a little lower and it will start pushing the lift up too much, and a little higher and it will start pulling it down two much. Triangle is the way to go.