Rubber Bands again

Ok, I searched.
One post says: “Most of the time, IQ rubber bands must be from VEX (you can tell by the color)”.

Others repeat the Manual which states " identical in length and thickness to those included in the VEX IQ product line (#32 & #64)". No mention of composition or color.

Several posts mention that VEX uses Alliance brand. One says probably Uline. VEX lists both Latex-Free and Silicone. Alliance shows Non-Latex, but not in #32 size, and no Silicone.

Past Manuals have specifically outlawed HEXBUG rubber bands, but not Next Level.

In the past the Legal Parts Appendix has included: #117B (228-2500-470), #32 (228-2500-474), and #64 (228-2500-475).

#117B is not mentioned in Manuals. Is that from HEXBUG? It is not listed on the Official VEX stores.

So, question.

Is #117B legal? Sourced from? Documented how?

I realize the Official Q&A is the place, but I am unregistered volunteer working on creating a team. And I know that the Legal Parts Appendix may be here in a month or so, but perhaps the question will still apply.


Here’s a link to the current game manual: which is quite clear, and no Q&A question needs to be posted. You might need to have your VEXIQ hub handy to show to an inspector who is not up-to-speed on the current game manual.

The manual changes each year, so past posts and opinions from previous manuals are not accurate (nor are they official rules). On page 20 of the game manual:

Some non-VEX items are permitted. Robots are allowed to use the following additional “non-VEX
IQ” components:
a. Appropriate non-functional decorations, …
b. Rubber bands that are identical in length and thickness to those included in the VEX IQ product
line (#32 & #64).
c. ⅛” metal shafts from the VEX EDR product line.

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We use the #32 and #64’s and buy them in the 1 pound bag. So I’d go for them and not worry about getting snagged for it.

If it is in the parts appendix this year I would give it a shot on the Q&A… The documents should agree.

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