Rubber bands and glue

We are having trouble getting our rubber bands to stick to our flywheel. They keep coming off the side of the wheel. Will super glue keep them on. My coach thinks the glue will eat at the rubber bands. Does anyone know about this.

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Note that using glue as you describe would be a violation of <R16f> (emphasis mine):

Welding, soldering, brazing, gluing, or attaching in any way that is not provided within the
VEX EDR platform will NOT be allowed.


Can you use that Vex sticky foam tape with rubber bands on top, maybe? I don’t know if that is viable, and if that is legal for such use - I have seen it on some robots during the season though.

My team just put four zipties through the wheels spokes and around the rubberbands.

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I often see what @Mark_Finley said. looks like It works, idk if the zipties can create inconsistencies, but judging by how many people I see using this method I think not.