Rubber Bands and Zip Ties

Are there any specific size of rubber bands u r allowed to use on the robot? I know there are vex rubber bands but besides them. Also for zip ties are there any specific size and color u r allowed to use?

#64 elastics
Any color
Any zipties for cable management

I thought it was size #32 rubber bands

it is both nvm. thnks anyway.

Size 64 or 32 rubber bands are allowed. VEX sells 4" and 11" zip ties, so I tend to stick with those. I’ve never seen an inspector question zip ties that were the inbetween sizes, but they might. The color does not matter as long as they are otherwise identical.

They be used in functional manners too, right?

It’s probably best to stick with the sizes of zip ties that VEX sells for anything other than wire management, even though it will probably never be questioned.

Absolutely. I have seen zip ties used in place of screws/nuts in places. Not saying it is the best plan, but it’s a plan…

Before people start speculating or jumping to false conclusions, here are the specific rules from the game manual:

So #32 & #64 rubber bands and 4" & 11" Zip Ties are legal for any use on the robot, and any other commercially available items (such as 8" or 14" zip ties) are legal solely for wire management. In some instances bending these rules a bit gets by without inspectors even noticing (for example, when you use and cut off the end of a zip tie, how would someone know if it was originally 8" or 11" long), but if you want to be sure about some item’s legality, ask in the official Q&A.

I’ve seen some teems use zip ties on their intake. Functions kind of like rubber bands, but tends to cut the balls.

This brings me back to the beginning of the season where one of our friends didn’t use flaps on the tank treads and used screws because it “grabs the balls better” @Nathan Rossi

We use zip ties on the bottom of our elevator, but they don’t seem to cut balls ever. At least, they’re not prominent enough to show up against the damage already done to the balls. We used 11" zip ties, cut them down to a better length, and filed the ends. They are still a bit pokey, but not nearly as bad as they could be.