Rubber bands for my claw

Hello, i’m building a normal claw but i would like to use rubber bands for an easier handling so i’ll just have to close the claw and it will open automatically. I would really appreciate some tutorial with pics for that
Thank you:)

i think your word choice is … not great. i reccomend you look at <-that for what to do
we can help you, but we wont show you how to do this, if you have questions shoot ahead, but no, a step by step guide is not what this forum is

Why would you say that? I’ve been on the forum for longer than most people, and I see a lot of step-by-step help.

KarimAbdo – I cannot tell what you are asking from your post. Do you want to use rubber bands to pull the claw open and then use the motors to grip? If that’s the case, it’s a bad idea that is guaranteed to stall your motors.

Perhaps you can elaborate?

We do something similar to what I believe you are asking. We use pneumatics though, so I am not sure if it will work in your situation. They’re double acting, but we only use them to close and then the bungee pulls them open once we release the air (causing them to open). We do this as it does open the claw automatically (in case we run out of air the robot can still pick up stars and cubes) and uses less air in the process as it only has to run one way.

Basically we just have the bungee pull the arm towards the base of the claw at about a 45 degree angle. We have it tensioned just right as to not use too much air on the pistons but enough to easily pull it back.

Thank you for your help i have found a solution to my problems by simply changing something in my system

I would suggest rubber banding the claw so that it spring closed, that way you won’t be fighting the rubber bands and trying to hold the objects in. This will decrease the chances of your claw burning out.