Rubber bands in vex iq

Hey guys, I am new to VEX
Im not even sure i used the right category
But i just wanted to know HOW to use rubber bands on a robot
I know what their effect is, but I dont know how to apply them onto a vex iq robot
In a video like this :, the ruber bands strech soooooo mucccchhh. Mine cannot stretch that much. I dont know whats happening
Pls help

anyone there?
pls help.

People are there and at least 7 people have seen it. This is a forum so patience is key.


Do you have the legal bands? Or are you using different ones?

Well on the vex robotics page you can find that rubber band here is all the links. I just bought all of them so thats what reccomend you do.

I think it is the latoce free one.
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Ok I confomed it is the Latex free rubber bands

legal ones …

btw the problem is that if i strech the bands then the standoff that i put them through bends. there r 2 standoffs. one attached to the gears, the other attached lower down the beam, with rubber bands through the 2. the lower one bends and kinda make the rubber bands useless

Thank you for clarifying. Can you elaborate on how it makes them useless? Do they slide off?

no, basically to make sure the standoffs dont snap, I cannot stretch them very much- the stnadoffs may only go down by four or five holes on the beam. Without the standoffs, the rubber bands can strech sooooooo much more

How long are the standoffs and how far away from the beams are you placing the rubber bands on the standoffs?
Can you show us a picture, maybe?

k ill send pic…

Also, you don’t have to use specifically the official VEX IQ rubber bands, and you only have to use ones that are identical to the official VEX IQ ones, as per R8 b.:

b. Rubber bands that are identical in length and thickness to those included in the VEX IQ product
line (#32 & #64).

So the bottom line is that so long as they pretty close to the official rubber bands, COTS ones will be a cheap and easy option if you don’t have rubber bands.


I would recommend not using standoffs, for the reasons you described above. We try to wrap our rubber bands around either metal axles or 1x/2x beams, making sure the beams are structurally attached perpendicular to the pull of the rubber bands.
Also, the rubber bands are helpful in that they create a pliable surface for gently nudging or gripping hard objects.


thanks man, that did the job
They dont bend in the beam