Rubber Bands on Claws?

Our team wants to put rubber bands on the claw so it passively holds cubes once grabbed, but the problem is that our claw is folded when started. Are there any ways around this?

Pictures would help here.

Would a drawing help? The robot is currently away.

Anything that would help understand what you need is helpful for giving advice, as long as the reader is able to understand what is being written.

44 AM
The claw looks something like this when started.

Put some sort of release to hold the claw back at the start of the match. Link it to your lift so that when you lift up for the first time it releases the claw.

would brake type coast make the claw have constant pressure when holding cubes?

Not really. brake type coast does not supply any power to the motors after you release the button. Brake type brake stops the motors immediately when you release the button but will not hold the motor in that position. And brake type hold acts like brake but it will use the integrated encoders in order to hold the motor at that position,


Hmm, any other way to do that then?