Rubber Bands on DR4B Lift

So I have checked out other threads about this but I am still confused? We are going to do the triangle method but where would I put the on the DR4B? Do I put them on the top and bottom 4 bars, just the top, just the bottom, what will the triangle look like? about how many?

Sorry for all the questions we are just confused and are rushing to get done.

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aa nn yy wherrrrre.
It literally doesn’t matter where the bands go as long as they pull the lift up and not down.
Tbh it doesn’t even have to be a triangle

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The reason teams use the triangle formation is because it loses force as the lift comes closer to max height. Ideally, the bands would form an equilateral triangle when the lift is fully raised.

Should we put bands on both top and bottome bars?

Yes, just to keep the entire lift under equal tension.


OK thank you…

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