Rubber bands on linear lifts

Anyone ever used any rubber bands on a linear lift? It seems like it would help but I’m not completely sure how to implement it. Any input would be appreciated (I don’t have a linear lift built, I’m just curious to see if it’s possible to do this).

A double reverse 4-bar is a linear lift… If you include that, it’s very easy. Scissor lifts are very easy to apply elastics to as well. What specific lift are you talking about?

I believe you are referring to cascading chain lifts? If so, IDK for sure, but I really can’t see how this would work. No part of it moves alone any other axis except for the one and without simply adding a bar above it (which would be well out of constraint), I can’t see where you’d place tension.

If it is elevator or cascading chain lift, then you can take a look at this.
Shared this recently actually.

It is not the best, and honestly it is pretty limited on how you can make use of elastic.
But you can take a look at one way of doing it. You can see the latex tubing from the side view.

yes we’ve implemented rubber bands on a fully elastic DR4B. It’s fairly easy to just mount rubber bands diagonally along the bottom 4 bar, we also chose to mount rubber bands on the top stage as well, but only because we needed extra lifting power for hoarding

Would not recommend fully elastic lift, as it is quite dangerous. Also, see 8000 performance at worlds.

8000 did well at worlds.
We totally enjoyed playing with and against them :slight_smile:

Elastic lift is not dangerous if you know how to control it.

Yeah I was referring to a cascading lift. Any better pictures or views of the elastics helping the lift?

Really sorry… that robot was done for the beginning of skyrise season - which means it was quite a few years ago.
but u can really pause the (8059c) video n have quite a good look at the idea behind it. around 1.09 and 1.22 marks.