Rubber Bands on Tread Flaps?

I have heard a lot from these but what do they do?

Do they just add grip or do they do something else? I was thinking about using that but im not sure.

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Do you mean just wrapping rubber bands around the gray flaps?

What are they can you show a photo

Could you point to a rule or q&a entry to support your claim that this is legal? VEX does not manufacture or sell super glue and no clause of R7 allows for super glue to be used in this manner.

In addition, R22 prohibits “welding, soldering, brazing, gluing, or attaching in any way that is not provided within the VEX EDR platform”.


yeah super glue is not a legal building material. give the manual a read before handing out advice. wouldn’t want anyone getting called out in inspection with a robot super glued together.


Yeah, no. Glue is not allowed. If you simply didn’t read the manual, that’s one thing, but you attempt to reassure the reader that it is allowed, despite you not researching your point enough know about it.

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to answer the op, I have seen rubber bands used on the back intakes of china intakes, and sometimes all over normal intakes. the ones on china intakes seem like they give the intake more grip on the cubes, which seems good. but rubber bands all over normal intakes to me doesn’t seem like a good idea. it isn’t identically repeatable so your rubber bands will be different when you replace them, and I fail to see what performance benefit they’d give.

we have passed inspections fine before with no concern to the judges or inspectors. i would contact your particular robotic handler like a teacher of professor to see of they personally okay with it. there are also many other ways to attach the rubber bands as well. sorry if this has caused any inconvenience.

you shouldn’t have. one of the questions in inspection is asking if you use any method of attachment not legal for vex competitions. it lists gluing. explain how you passed inspection without telling inspectors that you weren’t gluing?
I ask you not to intentionally bypass rules, it goes against the ethos of vrc.
and it it was unintentional, well now you know. no gluing.


it doesn’t matter if any of these people tell you its ok, the rules are what constitutes a legal vrc robot.


so its not a good idea unless you have the china takes? I was just seeing them and i wondered if it will do good on our robot.

I think its to add grip/compression on chintakes but I don’t think it would be good on an American (normal) intake because on a chintake the rollers are circular but on a normal intake, the chain is in an oval shape, so the rubber bands might cause some friction/resistance because part of the chain is always opening up and closing up. It should be fine but I don’t think you really need them. The main reason I wouldn’t do this because you can’t have flaps on your rollers if you put bands around them.


Okay Thank you all!!

we will stop doing it. it has never been drawn to our attention. thank you for your advice have a great robotics season


I think rubber bands can hold the intake together and prevent it from breaking apart during a match

it’s better to use string instead.

If you are using rubber tank tread, rubber bands could be great to improve grip on the cubes, If you are using flaps, maybe not, it didnt work for us but you could have different results based on your robot

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Oh so if you aren’t using flaps then rubber bands will help

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It could potentially but if you have an intake with two sprockets connected by tank tread you should use flaps.

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