Rubber bands question

It states on rule R7b in the rule book that products identical to VEX products may be used (color not mattering).

VEX sells orange rubber bands, but I was wondering if we can use our own. I’ve seen teams in the past do so and i figured it was allowed but I just wanted to make sure for my team mates.

Thank you


Yes it is allowed. We have always used our own supply of rubber bands

Just make sure they are the same size as the vex ones…

As long as the rubber bands you use are either #32 or #64, you should be fine. They do not have to be from VEX.

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@QuantumRobotics2019 I recommend you buy rubber bands from Alliance. VEX buys their rubber bands here. They are the same bands but alliance sells them in packs of 380 for 8 bucks.

I was looking into alliance but can’t seem to find orange #32 rubber bands only 33, do they make them?

Do the bands have to be those two particular sizes, or can they be any size?

They have to be those sizes only

Fudgenuggets. I dont know if my bands are the right size (although they can be easily replaced)
But my school team, oh shat I think they built all of their mechanisms with the wrong bands

God Speed good sir, God Speed


Wait I searched on the vex website for rubber bands and the only result I found was under vexIQ. Are those bands cross listed for edr?

I just checked it out, it seems to me that the rubber bands are the right size. I would get them.

Here is a link to some Alliance #32 bands on Amazon. A search for “alliance rubber bands #32” returned this and several other results.

Here is the EDR rubber bands product page.

Assuming you mean the #33 bands mentioned above, no, these are not a legal size. According to this PDF, #33 bands are ½ inch longer than #32 bands.


I believe that it should not hurt if other people are not getting punished for doing it. as long as it follows all the rules and regulations, I would put you own rubber bands on there

If you’re looking into alliance rubber bands, I’d recommend their sterling bands as they tend to last longer than the ones Vex buys. If you are willing to pay a little more money however, I’d recommend buying platinum crepe rubber bands as they have proven to be stronger and more durable than alliance sterling bands. A bag of platinum crepe bands (size 64) does cost $25 however while their alliance counterpart only costs $18 and supposedly comes with more bands (although we haven’t actually confirmed that).