Rubber Bands Slipping Off

I am having issues with rubber bands slipping off the wheel of my flywheel after a while of shooting balls, and I was wondering if anyone else encountered this problem and solved it.
I tried using zip ties however that made the shot very inconsistent.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Are the rubber bands extremely loose on the wheel? What size wheel are you using?

It may be that the rubber bands are low quality resulting in them flying off. We had that issue previously. Currently, we use Alliance rubber bands that are much better in gripping the wheel as they are harder to pull outward. Hope this helps!

Ur rubber bands are bad. I would recommend some Angler Platinum Crepes off of Amazon

Get alliance size 64 bands. I got them on sale a couple weeks ago and a 1 lb box (nearly 400 bands) cost less than 4 dollars from amazon. I havent seen this sale often, but they are fairly cheap anyways and are the best bands on the market for vex

So are these the best bands for vex period, or are there any other bands anyone would suggest for using on a catapult or for rubber banding a lift?

they are pretty much the best. The only other option I can think of would be using pneumatic tubing. I haven’t used it so I don’t know for sure but others can comment on this

Again, I personally use Angler Platinum Crepes off of amazon. They last a bit longer than Alliance bands and have roughly the same amount of force as Alliance Blues iirc

You say pneumatic tubing, but I assume you mean surgical tubing. Has anyone used surgical tubing on a lift or on a shooting mechanism and if so, could you please tell me how well that works compared to rubber bands because I have a good amount of that somewhere in my toolbox but unfortunately I cant test it myself until school starts?