Rubber bands snapping constantly

Hi all! I am having a TON of rubber bands snap due to some reason. I am using the iq rubber bands. They’re to flip up my tray. Is there any other way to flip it up or other ideas? I think its rubbing against the c-channel…

I would put non slip mat where the rubber bands are contacting your tray.


Would it be possible to post pictures?
In addition, I wouldn’t suggest using the rubber bands VEX provides. You should either be using Alliance #64 or Black Fishermans #64 rubber bands from Amazon.


If they’re new, then applying a lot of force on them immediately would make them snap very easily, try stretching them out for a couple seconds before putting them on your robot, we had the same problems with rubber bands snapping last year with our puncher


I think I can imagine what you’re doing. Try to use a deburring tool on the edges of the c-channel, it will reduce the amount that it cuts into your bands.

Just to clarify is there is difference?

@Doctortictac If you are really having problems with your bands, you could soak them in natural oils (coconut, almond,etc) to stretch and “moisten” them.

The Fisherman bands, although are more expensive per Ib, are more durable than both the VEX and Alliance rubber bands and almost never break. The Alliance rubber bands are more affordable and is relatively more durable than VEX’s, but is less durable than fishermans. Also they are much more elastic and can stretch around 2x further than fisherman’s rubber bands.


These are the rubber bands I use, They have more compression, maintain compression better than, and are more durable than vex rubber bands


These are the fisherman’s rubber bands I was mentioning^


You can also try to use the latex tubing that vex sells. I have found that to be the best. I doesn’t snap and retains a lot of compression.


How old r the bands. Also how rotten they look

They could just be so worn out that they cant stand constant strain and stretching

@Zenix Get your behind into this thread ASAP.

Pneumatic tubing is a legal part for Vrc. The stuff is super strong and very tight. I have never used it however it could be a possible alternative for rubber bands.


Recently had this same issue, if you don’t already, try having the rubber bands in an x configuration rather that parallel with the stacker, it results in a more consistent movement and rubber bands are less prone to snapping