Rubber Bands - tower takeover

I’m looking through the rules for the tower takeover game but can’t find much on the use of rubber bands. Are teams allowed to use rubber bands on the robots this year? I think you can but wanted to make sure. If you can refer to a rule in the manual that would be great. Thanks

Oh yeah. Rubber bands are fair game.

Yes, and #32 or #64 bands are fine. They don’t even have to be VEX brand as long as they are identical size. I believe many teams use Alliance rubber bands.


Same, we use Alliance rubber bands. Moreover, we use red, blue, and orange colored rubber bands.


For the tray system, most teams are maximizing their capacity by using rubber bands (it’s basically the meta unless your making a reverse stacker). Unfortunately I/my team isn’t to smart, so we are using a linear motion kit instead

yeah you can use rubber bands, but i have seen some teams use the latex tubing that vex sells for their tray

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Alliance latex free rubber bands work very well.

The best type of rubber bands is black marine grade UV resistant bands.


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