Rubber Bands vs Hanging

I put rubber bands on my claw bot today and let’s just say I got a lot of cubes and stars. However by putting the rubber bands on my robots for my lift. It would disable me from hanging. So the question I have is: Is it worth the rubber bands if it disables you from hanging. Also what are others doing with rubber bands and hanging?

we just use our 1 bar to hang backwards, our lift has enough power to raise itself +rubber bands

Alright how many rubber bands and what size?

about 12-13(per side) the larger size i believe 64 we have a gearing of 5:1 with 4x trogue motors

I put used one motor to make an elastic dis-engager.

samuel, thats probably a waste of a motor, considering you wont hang 75% of the matches

Why wouldn’t you hang in 75% of matches? As robots become more competitive hanging will become more and more important.

yes, but you lose at least 10 seconds to line up and hang, in that time the opponent could score, negating the hang altogether

And that is what differentiates the decent teams and the great teams.
The great teams will not take as long as 10 seconds.


I did get rid of it after the last competition, but I was only using 11 motors on the rest of the robot anyway, so I had the one to spare.

oh, thats OK then, i would add it to something else, like its own mechanism for hanging, like a linear lift

Yeah, our hang can be done in 7 seconds.

7 seconds for the lift itself or with lining up the robot?

Just have a quick and easy way to remove the rubber bands. If your partner can hang let them, take them off if they cant hang.

The whole thing if we get the line up right on the first try. If we don’t, it’s more like 10-15 seconds.

We have rubber bands against our lift and we hang perfectly fine (less than 8 seconds to get from one side of the field to the hanging bar and hang). Without the rubber bands we really can’t lift more than 4 stars effectivley. If you can’t find a middle ground where you can both score effectively and hang then I would just take the rubber bands off if you plan on hanging, and leave them on if you don’t.

we have a tension release mechanism…

That sounds really cool. Any pictures?

I don’t have pictures, and am not at school now…

its basically 8088x’s on youtube