rubber bands vs. laytex tubing

My team has ever only used rubber bands for our robots and have rarely considered latex tubing as use for lift aid/ latches etc. we have always thought it as more consistent, (as you don’t have to cut and tie pieces together) easy to add and remove, cheaper, and more readily available.

I was wondering why other teams might chose latex tubing over rubber bands.
other than that they last longer. I have seen teams having problems with latex because say both sides of the lift don’t have the same tension of tubing on them.

Does latex have a more consistent tension as it gets tight or a longer extension compared to rubber bands?

I kind of wish I could find a stress test on both of these. :p:p

I think two important differences are that the latex tubing will stretch to 3x its length whereas the rubber bands are +/- 2x and the latex has better memory, meaning that it is more likely to return to its original state after being stretched. But you cannot beat the cost of rubberbands while $1/ft. of latex is a bit steep (though it can be found on Amazon for +/- .50/ft.).

I have stopped using latex tubing ever since I used it on my Toss Up Scissor Lift. I used the tubing on the lift and once we left it there over night, the latex had stretched itself to a smaller diameter to reduce the tension ruining every bit of it.