Rubber bands?

Can we use rubber bands… is that anywhere in the rules? if so dont tell me if i can or cant but instead i would like to know where in the rules it is. If its not lol then i would kinda appreciate to know if its possible its just so that the clamps on my teams robot will close all the way when together… they kind of bounce off and stay open a little bit which affects our grabbing ability… also is it possible to use some kind of material that has some grappling ability for grabbing because i thought that might be not legal

The rubber bands form vexlabs are FTC legal. We used em last year.

They’re at the bottom of the page.

It is in the rules check out rule <R5> b also check out

Those are both official answers to your question.

Please don’t forget that not only the rubber bands from vExlabs are legal; we purchased ours at Staples. As long as they are #32 rubber bands, they are legal.

Right, you can use any non-vex product as long as it looks the same as someting that you could buy on vexlabs.

The max number of bands you are allowed to use changes if you get them from a source other than VexLabs.

See the FIRST FTC Q&A forum.


No its a bit different, if you use non-vex rubber bands you can use up to 10. If you use vex rubber bands you can use as many as you like. Even if they look the same you can only use 10 non-vex rubber bands.

At lest thats what I understand from what has been said.

Really? I guess I learned something new today

I’m not so sure about this. Ill ask look it up at our next meeting.

There is no need to ask about this at your next meeting. The question has already been asked and answered in the FIRST FTC Q&A forum. Look it up there.


Can you provide a link to that post?

Even better than that - I’m going to show you and any other reader how to find it on your own - I won’t always be around.

*]Use the search feature of this forum. Search for the following keywords:
*]FIRST and Forum and official and answer
*]Look through the threads you find and follow the URLs in them to get to the FIRST Forums.


*]Go to the FIRST main web site (
*]In the “Already Involved” pull-down menu select FIRST Tech Challenge
*]Use the page’s left side menu to select & invoke the “Web Sites” entry of the “Team Resources” menu.
*]Notice the URL for the Q&A forum is the second one listed.


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#32 rubber bands are totally legal. It has been mentioned in the allowed list as can be seen.

It took me about five minutes to look it up when I finally got onto the First forums. The way I see it, you can have an unlimited number of rubber bands as long as they are the ones that are sold from the Vex website. If the rubber bands are not identical to the #32 rubber bandsfrom the Vex website, you can only have ten. Is this correct?

yes but no matter what i believe they have to be #32

Yea, I misread the post. Here’s the link so we can finally stop this tread.