Rubber bands

Is there any difference(other than color) between VEX rubber bands and the ones from

No, just color.

To be clear, rubber bands fall under the rule <R7b>, which permits non-VEX parts that are identical to VEX parts except color. What that means for rubber bands is that since VEX sells #32 and #64 rubber bands, you can get rubber bands of that size at your local Office Depot and it would be legal.

Yes there is a difference. The orange ones from Vex are the Alliance non-latex variety while the ones on robotsource are Alliance sterling and pale crepe. Those are a close second, but for consistency form band to band, the orange ones can’t be beat (so far).

You can get the orange ones elsewhere too.

Can you get any other sizes other than #32 and #64?

I ordered non-latex Alliance on Amazon. They have them in a variety of colors. We got red and blue :slight_smile:

It is much cheaper to buy them this way. Although I did notice that the rubber bands seemed to wear out and lose their strength faster and needed more frequent changing than the orange Vex rubber bands.

If you go on Amazon, you’ll see a variety of sizes - but only #32 and #64 are legal since they are exact replicas of the Vex parts.

Only 32 and 64 are legal in Vex. So you can buy other sizes, you just can’t use them in competition.

I was wondering would someone be able to tell me where I can find bright yellow and dark or bright blue rubber bands. I checked Amazon and tried googling it, but couldn’t find anything. I want colors sort of like the avatar that I have.

The alliance brand sterlings come in blue and red, but i’m not sure if they are the right shade of blue that you are looking for

Thanks. Are these ones legal? They seem identical to the VEX ones to me, but I would be very grateful if someone could double check so that I don’t fail inspection at a competition when using these.

Yes @The Electrobotz they are legal, considering they are called #64

I would really look into Alliance rubber bands. They will get any job done

The different colored alliance rubber bands have different properties. I would do a bit of research before deciding which one to get

If there is a difference, other than color, then they are not legal.


They’re legal as long as they’re the same size and “close” in elasticity (the Robosource ones are I believe).
The ones Cameron linked are some of the same ones that Robosource sells.

That’s not what R7b says… What am I missing?

The Q&A that Owen linked

So I feel stupid… Does that make me actually stupid?

haha, no, :stuck_out_tongue: I was originally thinking there was a specific provision in the manual for #32 and #64 rubber bands

The best rubber bands are black platinum creek rubber bands from amazon. Thats what we used on insanity.