Rubber bands

Are you allowed to use 3rd party rubber bands on our robots?


Yes, as long as they are #32 or #64.


Hijacking this thread a little, are we allowed to use bands with #32 or #64 “width” but larger diameter?

No, as these would not be identical to VEX’s rubber bands, and would no longer be considered #32 or #64 either.

If you need something longer than rubber bands, latex tubing is a good option.

Not sure what you mean by “larger” diameter. #32 and #64 have a standardized size and anything that does not fit that size would not be legal as it would not be identical to VEX rubber bands.

The width of the bands. My coach mentioned using larger diameter bands with the same width so I kinda got confused.

We are using a lot of #32 rubber bands. Would it be possible to cut these into strings? You can cut 1/8" rope and zip ties. So why not rubber bands? Rules R4 and R7 in the manual did not say anything against it.

Yeah you can cut them but why would you

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I’d use surgical tubing Vex sells or reasons outlined in a very similar thread.

We use these:

A box lasts a long time!