Rubber Feet - Impact?

Is there going to be an impact to design because of the new rubber feet? We are reusing our field from last season and have already cut our field tiles, so we don’t need to rubber feet. Is there a slight difference in wall height with and without the rubber feet?

Does anyone think it will make a big difference? How about at tournaments? Do you think they’ll use the fields from last year, have new fields with the rubber feet, or a combination of both at the tournaments? How might that impact tournament play?

I have wondered this also. Are the new rubber feet required? Because we have already cut our tiles as well. If the rubber feet are optional that will lead to field perimeter walls (and therefore hanging posts) being different heights at different competitions.

Agreed. I don’t foresee a problem with cut tiles and the rubber feet but we will soon see. You don;’ want variances on fields but the rules do allow for 1" tolerances. (to much problems for teams in Skyrise at worlds in some divisions)

We will try the rubber feet just for that reason but our field tiles are cut and were brand new this year. So if they don’t work with cut tiles, we will revert back to being on the floor for two more years at least. (until this set of tiles wears out)

I too have cut tiles, but installed the rubber feet anyway. I figure, if our robots can hang on a pole and shoot over a bar that’s higher than a field without feet, it will have no problem on the lower fields.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but from my understanding the field itself has a total blanket ± 1" tolerance. I haven’t actually seen the rubber feet yet, but I think they will still be inside that tolerance, and so teams will just have to deal with it.

Specifically about lifting, I am not sure about other teams, but my idea doesn’t grab right at the base of the hanging pole anyways - the area is too cramped with the corner bracket in the way.

Yes, they probably are within that tolerance, but then that means that the field barrier itself cannot be off at all (pretty much) if all of the “tolerance” is being used up by the rubber feet. The original point of the 1" tolerance rule was to allow for leeway in terms of how the field exactly goes together at each tournament, but now the rubber feet make it so that the field elements themselves would have to be much more precise so as to not go out of the 1" spec.

Hope that makes sense, not sure if I worded that very well.

I would add the feet just in case. The field specs document shows that there is supposed to be 11.60" between the top of the wall and the top of the tiles, and we know it is less than that without the feet due to the lifts this year. It still fits within the 1" tolerance, but I would prepare for the worst rather than be unprepared.

You need the feet, otherwise the fence will not line up with the perimeter wall brackets… Just finished the assembly.

Also, we have cut tiles, I see no issues with using cut tiles. The tiles will be held in place by the two base plates used by the fence to hold the fence up.

The fence is assembled with nylocks everywhere. So taking apart is going to be a chore without nice handled tools. We have nice blisters for our efforts (thanks 9791c!)

Do the rubber feet come with the game kit?

Lol we don’t even use the real field. We made one of those makeshift fields out of wood and PVC. Works like a charm for an 8th of the price. Over the seasons we’ve learned to deal with it. Even in autonomous, the field elements are just too large compared to the robots to really make a big difference with our sensor values. 1/2 inch is nothing to stress about.

I agree for the most part, but it is worth pointing out that this is an ADDITIONAL 1/2" of potential difference from event to event (depending if they use the rubber feet or not) compared to the usual 1" of tolerance we have come to expect.

@4149G Yes, but the only difference would be the height of the pipes, correct? I don’t think it would be a good strategy anyway to make a robot that requires that amount of precision. Alignment would take too long, and it would be a half baked strategy from the beginning.

Also the height of the dividing wall. Doesn’t it mount to the field perimeter?


Ah, ok. Then it isn’t really an issue I guess. Everyone should simply be using them. I was worried it was an extra item to purchase.

Additional bonus is that it will prevent the walls from scratching up wax on gym floors. Our custodial crew will appreciate that :slight_smile:

Let’s hope they stay in stock.