Rubber links?

Um, I was looking at the advanced motion kit and was wondering what the Rubber Links do. I think they are used for spring loading but I’m not sure. Would someone please clarify?


It’s pretty much two couplers with a really bendy piece of rubber in the middle. What we’ve done with them is to attach them to bump sensors to prevent them from dying from being crashed into the wall and stuff like that. They’re pretty decent as a suspension of sorts and they’re able to almost bend 180 degrees and fit in 2 adjacent holes

They basically act as flexible connectors and shock absorbers, but any use you can come up with that works is perfectly valid.

The ping pong bot here uses the rubber links. It took a long time of watching the video to figure out what the rod was “springing”.

We have also used them as a makeshift flexible shaft since the ends will screw directly into the threaded beams, keps nuts and nylock nuts.