Rubber Shaft Collar (30-pack) - 228-3510

We’re excited to announce the addition of a small but important product to the VEX EDR product line - P/N 228-3510, the Rubber Shaft Collar (30-pack).

Originally designed for VEX IQ, this one-piece rubber collar also functions perfectly well in a metal VEX EDR robot. This 30 pack costs $10.99 and can be found here:

Sweet! Those pesky set screws come undone on the metal shaft collars a wee bit too easily. We will definitely try a few of these.

Weight savings too!

Aww man these are a dream too bad this is my last year of the high school and hopefully i can do vex u

So this is 0.141732" wide, which is 0.108268" thinner than the steel axle collar. What is the weight comparison?

We just ordered some to try. We will report back any thoughts, good or bad. We hope to have them next week. We will probably wait until after our next tournament to try them on the robot.

We bought some before break because they were quite a bit cheaper than the regular shaft collars. So far, our team has complained that we don’t like how difficult it is to slide them on and off the shafts. Of course this is a necessary aspect of the rubber collars as we wouldn’t want them to just slip off. On the up side, I imagine that we won’t have as many problems with them getting stuck on rough/scratched axles. I think we will mostly just use them as backup collars for when our others run out.