We need more rubberbands can we use any other?

I’ve seen teams use some sort of small surgical tubing that might have come from VEX pneumatic kits. You could check the rule book to see if they’re legal.

I know the VEX pneumatic tubing is legal, and it’s pretty tense, too.

Just go get some rubber bands from Walmart or somewhere nearby if you need them now. Keep in mind that you have to get #32 or #64 rubber bands.

If you have time, you can buy rubber bands in large quantities online. A lot of people like Alliance Sterling rubber bands.

They sell colored ones too, if that’s important. Makes your bot look professional lol.

As long as its identical in all ways except color. In otherwords, as long as the rubber bands are size #32 or #64.

I remember reading somewhere that the rubber bands Vex sells are Alliance brand non-latex.

As long as they are #32 and #64 sizes you can.