Rubbing Alchohol for Flexwheels

To clean flex wheels, is rubbing alcohol okay to use? We have been using it, however, we are worried that it might corrode the flex wheels and eventually cause them to be less useful. Any advice on how to effectively clean the flexwheels would be much appreciated.

I would just follow what vex says

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A lint roller worked really well for us.

Vex can’t say ‘use isopropyl alcohol’ the clean the wheels… fire hazard.

You could just use a damp rag from the faucet. Windex works well also. Both of these are water-based, don’t attack plastics/rubber, and leave no residue (especially the windex).

What you do NOT want to use: anything that leaves a residue, either sticky (lint roller) or oily (baby wipes).

So technically… if I saw a team using an adhesive lint roller, I’d force the bot back through inspection.


Thanks everyone! I’ll use what you guys have suggested.

I was wondering how everybody gets the flex wheels because they are all out of stock, and I cant figure out if there is anywhere else I could get them

Are you clicking all the way through the ‘process’, selecting hubs/etc that you might need? The wheels can’t be added to cart until that part is done. We’ve had 2-3 orders of flex wheels come in in the past 2 weeks… no problems.


That worked thank you!