Rugby and Robotics World Cup Challenge

Will England accept New Zealand’s Challenge and host the next VEX Robotics World Cup during the next Rugby WorldCup in 2015?

By winning last night’s Rugby World Cup, New Zealand now holds the title of both RWCs.

The VEX Robotics World Cup informally known as the Chris Brett Trophy has started, lets see it follow the Rugby World Cup in the same country from now on. Who is up to competing for it?

i would be but the money involved it way too much we could barley afford the world championship last year plus i don’t believe England has many vex teams (i could be mistaken)

Consider how much it costs international teams to come to the World Champs each year… maybe if you start saving now…

New Zealand didn’t have many vex teams 4 years ago either.

We had any vex teams 4 years go…?


Are you saying they didn’t have any? Or not…

true but that just means two huge events a year and most schools (including mine) barley let the students out of state never mind out of the continent

who did have many vex teams 4 years ago? it was the 1st world championship right?

The point he was trying to make was that although England doesn’t have many VRC teams now, it may very well by the time 2015 comes along, therefore making a World Cup event a possibility.

I see.

It is very possible…

I would like to see some of their robots in action.

It would be intense!