Rule clarification Rule <S1> and Robot definition

Hey all!

Rule: <S1> If, at any time, the Robot operation or team actions are deemed unsafe or have damaged the Field Elements or Balls, by the determination of the referees, the offending team may be Disqualified. The Robot will require re-inspection before it may again take the field. a. Special attention will be paid to any damage caused to the Balls. It is imperative that teams design their Robots such that they do not permanently damage the Balls.

Question: We’ve founds that when using the “claw bot” design, the rubber pieces leave black marks on the balls. Does this count as a “damaged” ball? The ball is still usable but changed.

Rule: Robot – An operator controlled vehicle designed and built by a VEX IQ Challenge team to perform specific tasks on the field. The robot may be constructed using only the VEX IQ platform parts and mechanical/structural components from the VEX Robotics by HEXBUG product line. No other parts will be allowed on the Robot. Prior to participating in matches, each Robot will be required to pass an inspection. Additional inspections may be required at the discretion of event personnel.

Question: Students have asked about the black twist ties that come with the robot kits to hold the wires together. Do this count as VEX IQ platform parts from the kit? They intend to bundle the wires on their robots with them to keep longer cords out of the way of the wheels.


this is not official, but:

  1. The robot is not doing anything that should damage the balls, so there is no reason to disqualify that robot.

  2. It has specifically been stated that packaging is NOT part of the kit. Twist ties are not allowed.

Thank you!