Rule <G10> Latching to "Field Element" or "Field"?

In rule <G10> it speaks about how latching onto or grappling parts is a violation. In the beginning of this rule it states very clearly that latching onto “Field Elements” is not legal. Later in the rule it speaks of damaging the “Field” and avoiding latching on to the “Field”. Are we talking about latching onto the “Field Elements” or to the “Field” or both? What do you think. I’ll also post this on the official answer. But in the meantime I’d love to hear your thoughts.


I’m pretty sure it means both the field and the field elements.

Aloha Bez,
I think that is the intent also to include the field. I hope the rule is reworded to reflect more clearly what the true intention is in the near future. Thanks for checking.


Agreed… My understanding is that anything that is not a hexball is off limits as far as grabbing or holding is concerned.

Aloha Tony,
A Hexball would be considered a Game Element (so many elements). My kids had the same question so put it like this for them…

A “Field” is a blank field with nothing on it.

“Field Elements” are parts that are attached to the field for the current game.

“Game Elements” are the manipulatives that can be moved around the field by the robot (ie. Bucky Balls, Cubes, Hex Balls)

Latching on seems to refer to the Field Elements, such as the Fence last year. But the wording used seems a little confusing. I recommend that RECF change the wording a bit to include both “Field” and “Field Element”. Currently it says "Do not latch onto field elements because it could potentially damage the “Field”.

Yeah. I think that is possibly the best way to describe the term Game Elements.

We noticed in practice that even Clawbot was able to pull Field Elements up off the Field. So the wording might need to be clarified. As long as the mentors are guiding the students to not get tangled up on the goals, ramp, or fences I think we will have a good year.