Rule <G10> technicalities?

Hello, so i was reading the Vex Spin up Game manual, and i read the rule which is " Autonomous means “no humans.”" and one of the examples it has is “Triggering sensors (including the Vision Sensor) in any way, even without touching them”. So i was wondering, if my team has a vision sensor for auton and the other alliance is wearing blue jeans, and our auton aims at him instead of the goal. Could i call because the opponent alliance is technically activating my VIsion Sensor without touching it?

If your vision sensor is targeting someones jeans you should probably recalibrate it. Also I doubt your call would have any effect unless the opposing alliance was wearing clothing specifically designed to throw of a vision sensor (Like a shirt with a photo of a high goal on it.)


Well we have it where it aims at the high goal perfectly, but if anything blue is in the area it aims at that instead even though we have it to the largest object, so i was wondering. thanks for the feedback.

I wouldn’t think so since it is somewhat to be “expected” for opponent apparel, especially
blue jeans to be a color of the field. But yea as previously said by someone in this thread hopefully recalibrating the vision sensor will help or work. If you’re targeting the low goal then I’d say position the vision a bit down if it’s still seeing jeans. If you’re looking at the high goal I’d say that honestly you should be fine since drive team members usually aren’t on that side of the field and most fields in comps are changing to portable fields which are plain white instead of clear in the middle. If it’s still responding to jeans then maybe hard code a drive path until you’d need the vision for angle positioning.

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As a Ref, I’d say that’s still on you. It’s not reasonable to claim that because your robot uses the vision sensor that you can dictate the clothing another competitor wears.

Likewise, if you bring a big-blue poster that you wave behind your goal to “encourage” your robot to aim there (or mess up the opponent’s robot), then we have problems.

I have yet to see since the Vision Sensor was released during Turning Point, any human try to interact with it during a competition. I have seen Vision Sensors get fouled up by “unforeseen by the team” backgrounds - e.g. a gym that is almost all red, etc.

At one point, I thought I saw something official-ish that said, If you’re using the Vision Sensor, you’re taking on a risk. The rules prevent egregious manipulation by other teams (e.g. no decorations on the robots that mimic field elements), but you need to deal with real-world factors.


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So, it says “Not permitted to interact with the Robots in any way, directly or indirectly.” Does this mean that we can not load disks into the robot using the reload. Or are we able to since it is part of loading. We are technically interacting with the robots.

I’m assuming you mean match loads and the answer to that question is no because you are not allowed to match load during autonomous

we can not load disks into the robot directly, we can only put them through the match loader.

You can’t use the matchloader during autonomous

So I was wondering; Are we allowed to use a vision sensor for vex spin up during autonomous time (15 sec.)? The rules were so confusing!

To help ease the confusion: The game manual tells you stuff you must do, and stuff you’re prohibited from doing.

There’s no way for the game manual to tell you all the things you might do. It does not tell you what mechanism you might build, or what sensors you might use. Rule R6 in the game manual ( tells you what parts are legal to use. (and you’ll find the Vision sensor is a legal part). Additionally, if you go to the vision sensor page in the VEX catalog (Vision Sensor - VEX Robotics) you’ll see again that it is a legal component. The game manual does not prohibit any particular use of the vision sensor, then you can use it anywhere and anytime you want to.


If the game manual does not prohibit something it is legal. So this would legal as long as you are not interacting with the sensor in anyway.

What does the game manual say? If it doesn’t prohibit the use of something, I think you would know if is legal or not. Perhaps you should post the relevant rules so that others can see if it is legal or not.

One solution to your problem would be to use another method of getting close to the goal’s angle, then check with the vision sensor.

For example, in Vex Tipping Point, I used the Vex V5 Inertial Sensor to get to an approximate angle to where my goal should be, then I used the V5 Vision Sensor for some last adjustments.
In the same way, you can use odometry, inertial sensors, or other feedback to check the code’s accomplishments instead of only relying on one, unreliable, input.

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