Rule of Tower take over

Are we allow to de score by push down other team’s stack.

Hi @Sammy,
Please review the game manual here: Game manual

Two things in the game manual should help you:

The Q&A system is an extension of this Game Manual. All Teams must adhere to all VEX
Robotics Competition rules as written in this Game Manual, and must abide by any stated intents of
these rules. Officially registered Teams have the opportunity to ask for official rule interpretations in the
VEX Robotics Competition Question & Answer system. All responses in this system should be treated
as official rulings from the VEX Robotics Competition Game Design Committee (GDC), and they represent the correct and official interpretation of the VEX Robotics Competition Rules.
The Q&A is the ONLY official source for rulings besides the Game Manual. If there are any conflicts
between the Game Manual and other supplemental materials (e.g. Referee Training videos, VRC Hub
app, etc), the most current version of the Game Manual takes precedent.
The VRC Q&A system can be found at

Stay away from your opponent’s protected areas. Robots may not intentionally or accidentally, directly or indirectly, perform the following actions:

  • A Contact an opponent Robot which is fully contained within their Protected Zone.
  • B Contact any Scored Cubes in either of opposing Alliance’s Goal Zones.
  • C Contact any Placed Cubes in the opposing Alliance Tower.
  • D Contact either of the opposing Alliance’s Goal Zones or Barriers.
  • E Contact an opposing Alliance’s Inner Protected Zone.
  • F Cause Scored Cubes within the opponent’s Protected Zone to no longer meet the definition of Scored (i.e. “knock over their stack”).
  • G Cause a Cube which is Placed in the opposing Alliance Tower to no longer meet the definition of Placed (i.e. “remove it from the Alliance Tower”).