Rule on wire splicing?

Hey all,
Im curious to know if it is legal to splice wires together (I done see anything against this in R7), or use heat shrink on 3-wire connections. The dilemma is that I have about 12 feet of wire for my (pneumatics) at the end of my 6ft lift and when the lift goes up and down the pneumatics is shorting (actuating on its own) due to the wire connections being jostled around. My thought is that if i could provide a better connection than the electrical tape is currently providing, this non-controlled actuation would stop. Any suggestions? Please and thank you

It would be illegal to splice two wires together (unless you’re repairing a damaged wire) because you’d be modifying an electrical component, which is dealt with by <R15>

By combining two wires you’ve changed the length of the wire, and it’s therefore illegal.

However, securing the connection with heat shrink tubing would be legal because you are not modifying the wire itself, only covering it, and

I currently am combining 4 wires to make up the length, but dont have them actually spliced (with solder…) together, only connected with electrical tape. So ill have to try the heat shrink over the plastic connections and hope that works.

Secondly, do you know if I would be allowed to use wire obtained from an outside retailer (if identical in all ways except length) that is like 15 ft long as this would also solve my actuation malfunctions. thanks again

We always zip-tie the pins together on every connection.

No. Components bought elsewhere must be identical in all ways, unless specifically noted otherwise in the rules (e.g. screws).

I just happened to have this open in another tab simultaneously, so for what it’s worth, the exact Q&A covering the topic of longer wires from outside retailers is:

This is what all of my teams do as well. Just be careful when putting the zip tie on and when taking it off so that you don’t bend/break the pins. They haven’t had any issues with connections since starting this practice.