Rule Question-Hitting Opponents Robots/Opponents Stacks

So I know that you can’t knock over an opponents stack, and you can’t hit a robot that is inside their inner or outer protected zone, but what if they are adding to a stack on the other side of the field without protected zones? Can they be rammed use their robot to knock over their stack? I know you can’t hit cubes into towers to descore, but can you hit opposing robots into towers to descore? If you can’t, then you are basically protected when you stack anywhere and if not then its going to be pretty hard on that side of the field.

I have read the game manual… twice. But I’m still not totally sure.

Not totally sure, but I think that the non-fat zone is unprotected

Edit for clearer: meaning you can be shoved

it is actually mentioned in the manual… take a look at SG3 - case G.

you will be DQ if it is match affecting.

edit: looks like there is a revision of rules - you will be DQ regardless of match affecting or not.

sigh… edit 2: it should be case B - DQ if it is match affecting.


So the other alliance can try to play defence at me, but they have to be careful not to make me topple my tower that I am placing? Do you know how the refs will decide that the defensive robot caused the stack to fall or if it was my fault?

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sort of…
basically indirect contact is considered as contact as well.
eg. if you push another robot into its own stack and caused the stack to topple, then it is consider as you are pushing the stack and causing it to topple.

edit: nobody knows how the referees will see all these split seconds incidents.

When in doubt they will ere to the side of the offensive robot.


When I asked a similar question on this thread this is the reply I got when I asked if another robot can play defense in the unprotected zone.

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Ok that makes sense.

I just can’t see the point of the protective zones if you can not hit bots in either zone, but I can also see stacks of 10 toppling over from one little tap of a push bot.

Ah, I guess what they said about scoring unprotected in auton is a good idea. Makes sense.