Rule <R4> Clarification

I know the Official Q&A is not open yet… But a question has come up.

<R4> At the start of each Match, the Robot must satisfy the following constraints. a. Only contact the Floor within a 13” x 13” area b. Fit within a 13” x 20” area, bounded by the Starting Position c. Be no taller than 15” A Robot may not expand beyond its 13” x 19” starting area constraint at any time during the match. However, Robots are permitted to expand beyond their 15” starting height constraint at any time during the match.

(Bold-ed and underlined for emphasis)

What is the official starting size limit? 20 or 19 inches?


Everywhere, including the images, says the starting size is 13x20. This one place appears to be a typo, and hopefully it will be corrected shortly.

I’ve already sent a message pointing out the same thing.


If you’re reading this thread, the rule was corrected. The size is 20 inches.