rule SG2 b

Rule SG2 B says:
Once the Match begins, Robots may expand, but no horizontal dimension can exceed 36”
(914.4 mm) at any point during the Match.

How strict is this rule? Currently we are running a six bar, and when it’s completely 90 degrees it extends to around 37.5 inches horizontal. I know that it’s probably mostly up to how strict the ref feels like being, but I just wanna know if anyone’s ever been called out for this rule in a tournament cuz I’m pretty sure that this rule was made mainly to prevent people from making wall bots.

I’m pretty sure that inspectors are supposed to measure the size of the robot when it is fully inspected. As a result, it wouldn’t even pass inspection.

Last year there was a Q and A that established that it’s legal to have a robot that physically can expand past 36" as long as it never does during a match. For example, if you have two mechanisms that extend 15" on opposite sides of your robot but they never extend simultaneously, the robot can still get through inspection and compete legally.

But yeah, if your robot extends to 37.5" multiple times every match, that’s not going to fly.

And is that 37.5" measured front-to-back? Or is that the maximum, including diagonals? If it’s front-to-back, when due to the width of the six-bar, your greatest horizontal dimension is probably over 38".

This would not keep it from passing inspection. What should happen is that its ability to expand further should be noted for the refs and they should watch for it. If they suspect it has expanded beyond the limit, they can measure after the match. If the ref determines that it did expand and the alliance won as a result, the team would be issued a DQ. If it was not match affecting, the team would receive a warning. After multiple warnings, the team could get a DQ even without it being match affecting.

The solution is to re-design your robot so it cannot go beyond the size or have programming limits to keep it in size.

Maybe go back and take a look at your question… perhaps if I rephrase it, you’ll see what I mean. What you’re asking is:

“Hey guys, I know we’re breaking a rule, but is it okay to do it so long as we don’t get caught? I’m not really worried about following the rules, only about getting caught breaking them.”

Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh… you were wondering if the rule was really meant to apply to EVERYONE or just to wall bots. But c’mon… you knew it was everyone, just like you know that fixing your bot to play within the rules is the right thing to do. Even if it is going to take some work.

Remember that if you play the game right, the inspectors and refs are there to keep the OTHER guys honest.


Calm down bro we fixed our bot, but i agree with your rephrasing and now that I look at it it was kinda stupid for me to ask the question lol.