Rule <SG4> demystified.

I’m not a fan of the repositioning rule <SG4>, however, it exists so I have to live with it. This year it’s slightly more complex as the infamous “bump” is now involved. I was trying to get clear in my own mind what is allowed and thought I would repost some of the gems I found in digging through this years official Q&A.

Here’s the rule

The most significant parts of this rule (as I understand it) are as follows.

  1. It applies during the Autonomous period, rule <SG5> applies during driver control.
  2. The robot must be in contact with the alliance tile on which it started the match on for you to be able to interact with it.
  3. If the robot is touching a grey foam tile you must first bring the robot back onto the alliance starting tile.
  4. You may not touch the robot if it is touching the bump.
  5. You must not be touching the robot after it has left the alliance starting tile unless in the process of returning it back to a legal starting position.

If the robot is wholly on your starting alliance starting tile and not touching the bump you may reposition it.

If the robot is partly on your alliance starting tile (ie. touching a grey tile) and not touching the bump you must first bring the robot into the alliance starting tile and then you may reposition it.

Let me know if you think I have interpreted this rule incorrectly.

from thread 76808

from thread 77234

from thread 77756

from thread 77190

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I think you’ve nailed it. <SG4> never seemed that complicated to me.

I had an idea earlier in the season that I guess I’ll mention here. What do you think of an amendment that says “If you reposition your robot, (touch it not in the act of repair) you forfeit the Autonomous Bonus?”

I’ve always seen repositioning a robot as, well, kind of cheating. Even more-so when you push a button to start the next segment of the routine. It’s an autonomous mode, meaning no user input. For years, we (and a TON of other teams) have made it a point to write code that works without needing to touch the robot. It’s doable with time and some sensors.

Just curious what people would think of the idea.

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Well I think the issue with that is how it would work with your alliance, you know, there would be quite a few arguments on autonomous and autonomous bonus before a match.

There already is a kind of punishment for repositioning - the fact you have to return to the tile, then the person has to drag it all the way onto the tile/reposition it, hit a button and off it goes. Compare that with one fluid autonomous routine, where you don’t have to return to the tile. 15 seconds isn’t much time in autonomous and I think those who can make solid routines will have the advantage. In Gateway, there was an extra 5 seconds to play with, time wasn’t as much of a worry. Although I do wish the autonomous period went back to 20 seconds or even more, I do see that a large amount of teams don’t make the most of those extra 5 seconds, let alone any of the autonomous period, and reducing the time does give a slight advantage to those who can make the most of the time.


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Just to clarify, you can’t hit a button on the robot if it is touching anything that isn’t a coloured tile, right? Like say the front two wheels were off and hitting a grey one? One of my teammates wanted me to check something.

And what’s the penalty for violating <SG4>? Is it just forfeiture of the bonus?

As I understand the rule, you cannot hit a button if the robot is touching the grey tiles. If the robot is touching the bump, you can’t touch it at all according to Karthik’s response to Lucy’s question.

Karthik would admonish you for not reading the manual, however, quoting.

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To answer the first bit:

And to answer the second bit:


EDIT: jpearman beat me to it.


Alright, that’s what I figured. Dunno how I missed that DQ part in the rule, I thought I had read the entire thing. Thanks.