Rule <SG6> technicalities

Hi! I was checking the Vex Spin up Game manual (v2.3). And I read rule wich implies “Match Load Discs may be safely introduced during the Match under certain conditions.”
I check it with my team and they birng up the use of the word “may”, do you think is posible to bend the rule thanks to this word? Or we should stay as close to the manual as posible?

I would suggest staying as close to the manual as possible when it comes to legality. They leave lots of room to improvise elsewhere.

This question does, however, bring up a rather humorous point about vex’s safety standards. Are they simply emphasizing that their methods are safe, or are they suggesting that a particular manner of the “certain conditions” mentioned may, in fact, be dangerous?

Thanks for the smile, @LuisN and the English language.


The point of “may” in this case is that you are never required to introduce match loads.

As a general rule of thumb:

  • “may” means you are permitted to do something, but you may choose not to do it
  • “shall” means you are required to do something

Interestingly, this distinction is used in many places, not just in VEX.


I agree. I don’t see any exploitation opportunities, or hidden capabilities here. Just plain, normal sentences.